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Kim is a seasoned leader in the non-profit space who brings 25 years of experience designing and managing national, impactful, workforce diversity and inclusion programs. As a credible thought leader within the education, healthcare, and non-profit sectors, she has built an impeccable reputation for managing the culture and complexities of environments.

Her expertise includes effectively developing tools, strategies, and written resources focused on climate and cultural competency as a means to promote the success of women, minoritized and LGBTQ+ communities, and other marginalized groups. She is trained as an executive coach, and, as such, is an effective communicator with high emotional intelligence. She has a wealth of experience connecting with nonprofit leaders, foundations, and health and education executives to explore new opportunities for addressing social equity issues in our society.

Kim became a coach after she realized how much she enjoys “being a partner in other’s transformations.”  As a leadership coach and facilitator, she helps clients tap into their ability for inner and collective change. She believes we can all live in service and compassion to one another, to contribute to something larger than ourselves, and ultimately to create a more just and equitable space for all.

Kim is also former co-host of the (In)Visible Women Podcast, a bimonthly platform to discuss the intersection of appearance, diversity, and inclusion and explores how they impact the lives and careers of women of color. Kim is passionate about enabling leaders and organizations to live into the fullest versions of themselves for the sake of positive change in communities and organizations.

Kim is certified in facilitation by the Leadership Strategies Institute and in The Leadership Circle 360™Profile. She obtained her Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University with a PCC Certification and holds a BS from Johns Hopkins University and MPH from Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.

As a New York transplant living in Washington, DC, Kim spends her spare time enjoying live music and theater and relaxing with her daughter and two cats Brook & Lyn.