PoYee Dorrian

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Who am I?


As a middle child, born to a Chinese family in Hong Kong and raised to be an astute observer, I have always been a mischievous disrupter in disguise – loving anything different from the norm.  Such an adventurous spirit eventually led me to a path to the US, alone as a teenager. It was a following of an inner knowing that I have come to embrace, trust, and honor as the Higher wisdom.  I have been blessed with having a strong ancestral root in Asia, a piece of an identity that has allowed me to nurture new growth in the US for nearly forty years.  Now, I live in the traditional territory of the Sioux, Cherokee, Iroquois, and Shawnee Tribes, known as Columbus, Ohio.  This is where I dropped my anchor in 2014 after my family and I had lived in Shanghai for fourteen yeas.  


My encounter with coaching and coaching supervision was both serendipitous and profound.  The genesis of that story took place in 2004, during a pivotal time when I was searching for congruence between my head and my heart during the height of my corporate career.  At the start of that journey to discover coaching, I only had one intention and one client in mind –me – to tend to my development and inner growth.  As I continue to evolve my being, a deep yearning to reach a greater depth of who I am starts to beckon my attention.  That desire was answered when I experienced the profundity of coaching supervision in an impromptu session where I left feeling renewed and enriched with a part of me awakened.  Intrigued and surprised, I embarked on a journey and became immersed in the integration and transformation of many aspects of myself.  Supervision is a homecoming celebration of our brilliance.


How I work?


'Creative, warm, steady, and calm presence' are some of the descriptors used by my colleagues.  I have an unwavering belief in the power of reflective conversations about ourselves as practitioners and our work.  These profound, meaningful, and heart-cantered conversations serve as the cornerstone for us co-visioning a 'fertile void' of emptiness where all facets of our being are welcomed and celebrated – our minds, bodies, and, above all, our hearts.  It's a heartfelt connection to the shared humanity that binds us together.  In this sacred and nurturing space, you are invited to expand to have fuller access to all aspects of your being.  It is a sanctuary that empowers both of us to embrace and cultivate multi-dimensional thinking through purposeful reflection and reflexivity.


As we come together, we may use creativity to explore a myriad of modalities and perspectives.  We may delve into the intricacies of identity, the subtle patterns of energy, somatic expressions, and the embodiment of our experiences and tend to all phenomena, moment-to-moment that emerge in the space between us.  We may venture into the periphery of systems, navigate the complexities of relationships and archetypes, examine the dynamic interplay (and occasional tension) between ego and love, and weave in various frameworks and psychological theories. This multi-faceted approach allows us to engage deeply with the rich tapestry of human experience and growth.


To me, supervision is spirituality and love in action. Spirituality, in this context, is about embracing our interconnectedness and tapping into the deeper knowing that transcends individuals.  It is about forging a bond with the broader sphere of existence.  Love, on the other hand, represents the unblemished beauty of sitting with others in appreciative inquiry, free from the divisive forces of othering and fear, only togetherness.  It is a space where only togetherness prevails, and we perceive it through the lens of love


Our creation reflects who we are.  My vision is to continue to expand the offering of coaching supervision, particularly to coach practitioners of color in the community. I hope we collectively breathe new life into our work with grace, wholeheartedness, and love through coaching supervision.   Together, we celebrate the positive shifts in our clients and nurture our own growth as practitioners, shining as mirrors of their progress.